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Choosing the Edge for your new Stone Countertop

You can either choose a style that complements your decor or one that introduces a whole new dimension to your kitchen. The edging can be any one of a number of styles including rounded, beveled and squared. Few things to keep in mind when deciding your edge design are, find an edge that fits in with the rest of your kitchen design, your personal style, and your budget.

Standard Edges

The most basic and least expensive edge for a granite counter is the eased or straight edge, and are often offered free of cost. In fact, we offer the the Straight Edge, ¼ Bevelled, and ¼ Radius, at no extra charge. Among our custom edges, we have the ½ Bevelled edge, to complement this genre of kitchen styles.

An eased edge is square, with the top corner rounded slightly to prevent a sharp corner. The edge of the counter is beveled or rounded slightly more into a 1/4 bevel or 1/4 radius (or round) for a more subtle look as well. Eased edges, beveled and rounded edges will traditionally have clipped corners, or three-point corners, to prevent sharp edges.

These edges are best suited to modern or contemporary kitchens, or rooms.

Transitional (or Semi-Formal) Edges 

For informal kitchens, and kitchens with a transitional (a mix of contemporary and traditional) look, or bar counters, rounded and bullnosed edges work well.

Half bullnose edge rounds at the top, leaving the bottom of the edge straight and square, while a full bullnosed edge is rounded on both ends. Bullnosed edges work well on countertops with curves, such as island seating, and have curved or rounded corners as well.

Also, if you have small children, a rounded edge may be the way to go.. A countertop with a rounded edge, referred to as a full bullnose, does not have any straight or pointed edges so there will be nothing on it to cause cuts or scrapes. Rounded edges will also complement modern decor.

At Top Shop, we offer four edge profiles in this genre: ½ Bullnose, Demi-Bullnose, Full Bullnose, and the ¼ Radius Top & Bottom.


Custom Edges

For more formal or traditional kitchen designs, decorative and custom edge options are available. These include ogee or dupont edges that connect curves into steps, giving the edge a tiered or faceted appearance. Decorative edges are carved so the curves are convex or concave to give different appearances to the counter.

In this genre, we offer five edge choices: Small Ogee, Big Ogee, Dupont, Cove Dupont, and Waterfall. These edges make the granite look expensive and fit well with a traditionally styled kitchen.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the colors above are only a sample, as they may vary (sometimes considerably), as with all natural material. Also, all colors and material listed above is subject to availability, and must be confirmed with us before commencing the project.
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