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Engineered Quartz and Natural Quartz are aggregates of one or more minerals, mined from Mother Earth.

What sets them apart is that, unlike Natural Quartz, Engineered or Manufactured Quartz is produced in a controlled factory environment, and is a composite material, almost entirely consisting of crushed quartz (often in excess of 93% and 94%), with a small percentage of polymer resins and pigments. These additives are what gives Engineered Quartz the reputation for being stronger than granites, with an almost non-existent porosity. Some manufacturers also add anti-microbial agents in the manufacturing process.

The addition of pigments gives engineered quartz the added flexibility of being available in shades, colors and hues, that are in keeping with the latest trends

Below are links to some of the engineered quartz surfaces that we install. For more detailed technical data, warranties, and other information, please click on the links to visit the respective manufacturers’ websites.

countertop countertop
countertop silestone
colorquartz surfaces countertop
casesarstone countertop

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Disclaimer: Please note that the colors above are only a sample, as they may vary (sometimes considerably), as with all natural material. Also, all colors and material listed above is subject to availability, and must be confirmed with us before commencing the project.


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