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Customers are often unsure about the process involved in acquiring stone counter-tops, from the initial decision to go that path, through picking the right stone, color selection and coordination, how to care for the different products, and pretty much everything else associated with natural stone.  We are here to help you from start to finish.

As an aid to your decision making, we have enumerated below, in brief, the stages involved in the process:

1.      Estimating:This is usually the very first stage in the process, and may also be described as the information gathering and collating step. At this stage, we discuss with the client, and gather information about preferences, kitchen/room layout diagrams/plans, and physical measurements of the cabinets, etc. If you have a blue print or accurate drawing of the project, get that to us (physically or by fax or email). You may also use our “Estimating Tool”, and work out the square foot area, of each countertop, and forward a sketch, with dimensions, of the layout. From these dimensions we will be able to determine the required countertop and back-splash square footage. We do not accept, and will NOT quote on any verbal descriptions.

A partial list of additional information required at this stage, may include:

Once, all of the above described information is gathered and collated, an estimate is submitted, for the customer’s review and acceptance. An estimate, as the name suggests, is only an approximation, and may change, depending on any changes or additions, that the customer requests.

Note 1: Stone Selection: Approximately 700 distinct Natural Stones, from around the world, is sold in the USA today. What color you may eventually choose, will depend on a variety of factors, including your preferences in both color and choice of texture (stone is available in a variety of textured finishes), other colors and material in the room, the ambience you want to create,  frequency of use, volume of traffic through that room, and purpose of the application, among others. Colors make a dramatic impact on the room – making small rooms seem larger, and larger rooms seem smaller. Here are some ‘rules of thumb’, which may help you in your search, for the perfect color:

We may refer you to our local granite distributors where customers are welcomed to select from a large inventory of granite. Your account manager or salesperson will refer you to these local distributors, and set up an appointment if necessary, with directions, hours of operation & the number of stone slabs required to complete your project.

It may be a good idea, if you narrow down the colors you want to go with before your trip to the distributor's facilities, as they always have hundreds of colors, to choose from, and may get a little overwhelming. We suggest you take along any samples of wall coverings, flooring, cabinetry and/or upholstery swatches to assist with your material selection.

Notice: All stone slabs at the distributors’ warehouses are for viewing and selection purposes only.Due to safety reasons, children are not permitted in the warehouse during your slab selection. (No exceptions can be made).

2.      Acceptance of Estimates: Upon acceptance of estimates, a signed contract and an initial deposit of 50% of the estimated value of the job/project, will be required, to schedule a template date. The balance of the final measured-value, will become due immediately upon completion of the installation.

3.      Template Generation: After you have selected your granite and approved Top Shop’s estimate we will contact you to schedule an appointment to generate templates for your new countertops. These templates are necessary to complete the fabrication process of your new countertops.

4.       Fabrication: This stage, provided the stone slabs/material is available ex-stock, can take anything from 7 to 15 days, and more, depending on the number of back orders the fabrication facility has at that moment, the size of the job, the type of edging, and other finishes requested,

5.       Delivery & Installation: After the fabrication of your countertops is completed, Top Shop will contact you to schedule an appointment to deliver and install your new countertops

You'll find information about caring for the stone, under "Getting Started/Tips"

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Disclaimer: Please note that the colors above are only a sample, as they may vary (sometimes considerably), as with all natural material. Also, all colors and material listed above is subject to availability, and must be confirmed with us before commencing the project.
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