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Soapstone is popular as a material of choice in hearths, counters, steps and balustrades. 

Pros - Soapstone forms from mineral deposits and is one of the softest, most non-porous, natural stones on earth. Soapstone is completely non-porous and impenetrable making it naturally bacteria resistant. Unlike many other surfaces, soapstone does not require special coating or sealing to maintain its durability. The soft properties of soapstone make it less likely to chip and break. Scratches are easily repaired using sandpaper and mineral oil. Many scratches gradually wear away with everyday use. Soapstone is completely heat resistant allowing hot utensils, pans, and plates to be placed directly on the surface.

Cons - Because it is a soft material, Soapstone scratches easily and countertops may have temporary dark spots where the surface has been exposed to food or oil. This calls for constant maintenance – cleaning, oiling, sanding, and buffing.


This is a fine-grained, foliated, metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash.

Slate, used on kitchen counters, contributes to the warmth ambience. Since slate is more affordable, when compared to other natural stone cladding material, thick sheets of slate can be used to clad benches in your garden, and for other application that may leant itself to an earthy, rustic and al fresco sit out or patio. This material, with its eggshell-matte appearance, also serves to be a defining border for fireplace mantels, and hearths, making your indoors look both classy, and yet domesticated.

With Slate, rounded and smoothed corners are best, as the material is prone to chipping.

Pros – Because of its dense nature, it is resistant to stains and other acidic and corrosive food, such as vinegar, lime, and alcohol. Scratches can be taken care of easily with an appropriate tone polymer, or steel wool. Slate has extremely high heat tolerance, and is fire-resistant, and transfers and retains heat efficiently. It is virtually maintenance free, and requires only occasional top coat (non-penetrating) sealing with any kind of mineral oil or Tung oil.

Cons – The material is prone to chipping and breaking easily, especially at the corners and edges, because of its brittle texture.


Barroca Soapstone - HonedBlack Slate - HonedCinza (Grey) SlateEmerald Soapstone - HonedEvergreen Soapstone - HonedGreen Envy Soapstone - Honed
Barroca Soapstone - Honed Black Slate - Honed Cinza (Grey) Slate Emerald Soapstone - Honed Evergreen Soapstone - Honed Green Envy Soapstone - Honed
Green Slate- HonedGrey Soapstone - HonedHubbardton Soapstone - HonedMajestic Soapstone - HonedMulticolor Slate - 3cmNew Cardosa Slate
Green Slate- Honed Grey Soapstone - Honed Hubbardton Soapstone - Honed Majestic Soapstone - Honed Multicolor Slate - 3cm New Cardosa Slate
Northern Lights Soapstone - HonedSilver Soapstone - HonedWine Slate
Northern Lights Soapstone - Honed Silver Soapstone - Honed Wine Slate      

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Disclaimer: Please note that the colors above are only a sample, as they may vary (sometimes considerably), as with all natural material. Also, all colors and material listed above is subject to availability, and must be confirmed with us before commencing the project.


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